Tax Practitioners Board – Dashboard Widget


Widget UX


I joined this project to help TPB convert their extensive multi-page forms from PDF to online. The forms were (and still are) used by tax practitioners to register and provide annual declarations under current legal requirements.

During this project, I was approached by the product owner to design some widgets to add to a dashboard. The widget shown below was designed to present a range of options to select from, display those statistics for comparison numerically and statistically, and to provide a download option of the data selected.

Stakeholder interviews

I first met with BA’s to understand the statistics that would be retrievable from the system via API. By meeting with a discussing the findings with the Product Owner, we settled on the information to present.

Sketch and explore options

Using an iPad Pro (and a coffee), I began to sketch and explore the possibility of combining all elements into a single widget.

Paper prototyping

By designing and presenting for discussion with the BA series of individual visual designs (with each design representing a separate function), I was able to gain further insight into functionality and requirements.

Synthesize feedback

Synthesizing the feedback from discussions with the BA and PO, I did some further designs on each of the required data types.

Final design

The final widget design allows for filtering by a range of criteria, selecting multiple options of the criteria selected, then selecting a given time period. The selected data can then be exported in PDF or Excel format.