Open Arms – Website Redesign

About the project

During a project to redesign the Open Arms website and apply new branding to it, I completed additional visual design work including input, support and guidance on a new visual design style guide, and developed social media banners, street banners, fridge magnets, business cards, brochure covers and flyers.


Stakeholder interviews

I first met with BA’s to understand the statistics that would be retrievable from the system via API. By meeting with a discussing the findings with the Product Owner, we settled on the information to present.

Paper prototyping

By designing and presenting for discussion with the BA series of individual visual designs (with each design representing a separate function), I was able to gain further insight into functionality and requirements.

Synthesize feedback

Synthesizing the feedback from discussions with the BA and PO, I did some further designs on each of the required data types.

Sketch and explore options

Using an iPad Pro (and a coffee), I began to sketch and explore the possibility of combining all elements into a single widget.

Email signature

The final widget design allows for filtering by a range of criteria, selecting multiple options of the criteria selected, then selecting a given time period. The selected data can then be exported in PDF or Excel format.