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Home page elements

The content of a website homepage requires a range of content to engage the user. Header The header is largely constant throughout the website. It should not change from page to page. Logo The website logo will usually sit in the top left corner. A centred position is also popular. It should be linked to … Read more

Categories UX

Game design

A game design document is the basis for a game. It includes the following. Backstory The backstory (or background) provides the player with all the information they need to establish context. It is like the prelude. An example of a backstory is the yellow text seen at the start of every Star Wars movie disappearing … Read more

eLearning project management

While it is tempting to be purely creative when developing an e-learning course, it is worthwhile having an awareness or appreciation of the following: Risk management Planning Communicating Content gathering Instructional design Storyboarding Production Quality assurance Integration The risk equation is risk = likelihood x consequences. Risk management can form the first step of the … Read more

Adult learning principles and eLearning

Considering Adult Learning Principles when developing an e-learning storyboard will lead to adult learners more motivated and engaged to complete the module. Malcolm Knowles, an American practitioner and theorist of adult education, popularised the theory of andragogy. Knowles defined Andragogy as ‘the art and science of helping adults learn.’ According to the theory of andragogy, … Read more

Landscape photography

The possibilities for landscape photography are endless. Good photography techniques will enable you to capture stunning shots in the surrounding landscapes and environment. A little knowledge and willingness to learn can turn you into a pro landscape photographer in no time. Here are some useful tips for landscape photography to get you started taking amazing … Read more

The eLearning development process

eLearning is developed using a range of methodologies. One of the well-known methods is the ADDIE model. As everyone already knows, ADDIE stands for Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate. This is a simple approach to design. Each step encompasses a wide range of activities. Analyse – this is all the foundation work. The hard … Read more