I believe it is essential to aspire to creativity and stay focused on each project to succeed.

I’ve been working as a digital designer for over 13 years. My design interests and skills in no particular order include UX, UI, audio, video, html, css, wordpress, illustration, photography, and visual design.

I believe success is not only due to the quality of our work; it’s down to our attitude, approach and the way we team up to get the job done. I take each project seriously, because it’s not just the end result that is most important. It’s also how we get there.

Outside of  work, I enjoy landscape photography, wild-life and animal photography, and sometimes studio and portrait work. I also have an interest in aviation, and have both GA and RAAus pilot licences.

What I do

eLearning should have clear objectives and align to business outcomes. This motives learners and ensures they know why they are doing the elearning.

Good design should be beautiful but above all functional and easy to use.

A credible, coherent and meaningful narrative creates interest and appeal.

Interviews, surveys, market analysis and user testing ensures business and user needs are met.

Personas ensure a product is designed with for the right users.

User journeys demonstrate how a user interacts with a product.

Interactions should be engaging, purposeful and hold users attention.

Case studies and scenarios stimulate learners interest and create linkages to real life situations.

Engaging multimedia can include images, audio, video, comics, info-graphics and printables.

Game elements include points, badges, and trophies to give solutions a spark of distinction.

eLearning must track users, bookmark progress, and record completion.

Questions and feedback may be integrated at the beginning, end or throughout elearning.


My aim is to optimise the digital experience through great design and attention to detail.


I seek to create wonder and  engagement through digital solutions.


My mission is to bring great ideas to life by creating the best digital experience possible.


I focus on making each project the best it can be, no matter what it takes to get there.


I understand creativity and innovation runs parallel to delivering value and cost-effective creative solutions.


I strive to get the best from each project and remain accountable throughout the creative process.


I understand that clarity of needs and goals is essential to creating solutions and delivering results that matter.


I believe in long-term relationships with clients and committing to the goals of each project.


I understand that every project has challenges, but it’s important to never stop striving for best practice.